The world's most versatile and easy way to write optimized css.

Easy to learn

You can learn the essential
syntax in 10 seconds.
Everything else it's just css.

Easy to write

Blazing fast declatarions.
Write css rules as if
you are calling classes.

Easy to modify

Avoid the time-consuming
rule searching. You know on
the spot what's going on.


You can easly combine it
with many front-end,
back-end and css frameworks.


You can even create
your own syntax / framework
in a super-easy way.


You write as you wish
but the final result
is extremely optimized.


StyleZero distinguishes itself from regular css frameworks due to its unique features that give unlimited power to the developer.

641{…} 1025{…}

Mobile-first infinite breakpoints

Why limit yourself to the breakpoints of the framework?
Write your own and obtain full control over responsiveness.

15em 15%

Infinite values and css units

You are not limited to the predefined values and units of the framework.
Now you can write whatever you want in the way you want.

>* :hover

All the selectors and pseudoclasses you need

Css selectors and pseudoclasses give infinite possibilities of customization.
Bring interactivity, the true power of css, to your workflow.


StyleZero exists thanks to the generous contributions of the following people and organizations.

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